Subdivisions/Mergers/Lot Line Adjustments

Subdivision/Mergers/Lot Line Adjustments

Subdivisioning is the process of creating a new parcel of land out of a parent tract. Lot merging is the process of combining parcels of land into a larger tract of land. Lot line adjustments are any changes in the legal boundary between adjoining parcels of land.
The new lot lines are delineated by metes-and-bounds and are an important part of planning for development of the parcel. These are usually required if you are planning to:

  • Building a second building on land that you own by subdividing
  • Build a larger building by merging adjoining land
  • Develop a community from a larger parent tract by dividing the land into the
  • Adjusting a Lot line with your adjoining neighbor by way of a boundary line agreement

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