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Topographic/Architectural Survey

Topographic/Architectural Survey

  • Buildings
  • Improvements
  • Fences
  • Elevations
  • Land contours
  • Outcrops
  • Trees
  • Streams, etc.

This type of survey may be required by a government agency, or may be used by engineers and/or architects for the purpose of design for improvements/developments on a site.

  • Sewers and Storm lines are located and depths are physically measured by our survey crews
  • Other surface utilities (i.e. valves, manholes)


  • Pedestrian ramps
  • Utility poles
  • Mail boxes
  • Street signs
  • Curb cuts
  • Water meters
  • Light poles
  • Hydrants
  • Catch basins
  • Overhead utility lines, etc.

Spot Elevations are taken inside the property and in the adjacent street at 25-foot or 50-foot intervals depending on property size. Major/Minor contour lines also used where applicable.