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Title (Boundary Survey)

Title (Boundary Survey)

A boundary survey is a type of land survey that is used to determine the exact boundaries of a piece of property. The survey will identify and locate the existing property corners, recover the location of the property lines, and describe the property’s boundaries with reference to natural and man-made features. The surveyor will perform research to obtain the property’s historical deeds, maps, and records and use mathematical calculations to create a detailed survey of the property.

A boundary survey will typically include:

A search of the public records and a review of the property’s chain of title to establish the property’s history and any encumbrances or liens on the property.

A field survey of the property, during which the surveyor will use specialized equipment such as a total station or GPS receiver to take measurements of the property and locate any existing monuments or markers that define the property’s boundaries.

A map or plat of the property, which will be created based on the information gathered during the field survey. The map will show the property’s boundaries, any improvements (such as buildings, sidewalks, etc.), and any existing or proposed easements or rights-of-way if such documents are provided to the surveyor for their review.

It’s important to note that in New York state, only a licensed Professional Land Surveyor can perform a boundary survey, and also the regulations may vary depending on the county.

A boundary survey is an important step in ensuring that all parties have a clear understanding of a property’s limits and can provide important information that is used to make decisions related to property ownership, construction, and development. It can also help




Driveways/ walkways


House additions




Swimming pools


Other fixed structures

This survey does not establish property corners on the ground and cannot be used for building/design purposes.