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Façade Survey


A typical façade survey would consist of surveying the front, sides and back of a building and recording important structural details such as building lines, window openings, door openings, columns, trim detail, chimneys, etc. This information can highlight structural elements that would not be clearly visible from a floor plan.
By using our 3D Laser Scanner, we can easily measure the façade of a building with both accuracy and speed. Also enabling us to access areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Property line stakeouts are done in order to place physical mark at or near your property corners. This is typically done when your original corner markers have been lost or there is uncertainty in a boundary line. Before any marking is done preliminary survey work is done and the data is analyzed in the office in order to retrace the boundaries using calculations and physical evidence documented in the field. Marking your property corners can help you protect your investment in your property. These marks can then be used to build things such as fences and make sure that you do not encroach upon adjoining properties.


Legal Descriptions, or more commonly known as Deeds, are needed to convey the metes and bounds of a property in a verbal format. A recorded deed serves as a physical token to your title in a given property. The importance of having an accurate legal description for these purposes is invaluable. Only a licensed land surveyor is qualified to prepare a metes-and-bounds suitable for proper conveyance and description of land.