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Legal description Writing

Legal description Writing

A land surveyor is THE BEST person to prepare a written property description because of their expertise and training in measuring and mapping the land, and their knowledge of property boundaries, land surveying principles, legal descriptions, and local and state laws and regulations.

A written property description is a document that provides a detailed and accurate description of a piece of property, including information such as the property’s boundaries, dimensions, location, and any improvements or structures on the land. This document is often used to establish property rights and resolve disputes, as well as in various legal transactions such as real estate sales or mortgages.

A land surveyor is trained and experienced in the use of survey equipment and techniques to measure and map the land surface, and they are able to accurately locate and define property boundaries. They have the knowledge and skill to prepare a written property description, that is accurate and legally compliant, that describes the property’s boundaries and any improvements or structures on the land, and also locate and define any encroachments or disputes that might affect the property’s legal status. They are also able to prepare maps and plots, as well as any legal description that might be required for registration or any legal matters.

Additionally, a land surveyor is familiar with local and state laws and regulations and can ensure that a written property description is compliant with them. This is especially important when dealing with property line disputes, or when properties are located in special zoning or flood hazard areas.

Overall, a land surveyor’s expertise, training and knowledge in land surveying, legal descriptions, local and state laws and regulations, make them the best professionals to prepare a written property description, that is accurate, legal and can be used for various legal transactions.