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Final Survey

Final Survey

A final survey is a required item for:

A final survey, also known as a “final map” or “final plat,” is a type of land survey that is typically performed at the end of a construction project. The purpose of a final survey is to document the final boundaries and dimensions of a piece of property, and to ensure that they conform to the approved plans and specifications.

In New York, the final survey requirements are determined by the local jurisdiction where the project is located, such as the county or municipality. In many cases, a final survey is required by the local government to be submitted and approved before a building permit can be issued for the property or before the building or construction project can be occupied.

Final survey is performed by licensed land surveyor, who is also required to be prepare a drawing of the property, called a plat or map, which generally shows the location of the building or other structures on the property, the dimensions of the property, and the location of any easements, rights of way, or other property rights that are in effect on the property.

In New York city for example, a Final Survey is submitted by the property owner or the developer to the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) after the completion of the construction project, before the building can be occupied. Final Survey Plat is signed and sealed by a licensed professional land surveyor and submitted to the DOB. It includes all the details of the final location of the building and its components, the location of all utilities, sidewalks, curb cuts and property lines.

Overall in New York, The requirement and time frame for a final survey depends on the local jurisdiction and the specifics of the project but it is generally performed at the end of the construction process.